Translate H5P

A community project to translate H5P

What it does

Translating H5P the “normal way” requires some technical skills:

And even for people who know all this, translating H5P offers other challenges:

This site solves all of these problems, by offering an instance of Weblate, an open-source translation application, to help members of the community translate the libraries of H5P. Everyone can contribute by adding or improving the user interface of H5P. You don’t need lots of technical knowledge to get started - simply register at this site and start making suggestions!

How it works

All translations entered on this site are automatically submitted to the H5P maintainers, who can accept them to become part of their code:

Diagram showing how translations can be submitted with this site

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As a translator, you don’t have to worry about all the parts on the right. You will only work with the simple, non-technical user interface of “Translate H5P” without having to worry about what this does in the code!

We are not affiliated with Joubel AS, the creators of H5P. This is a pure non-profit community project trying to help the open source project to increase its global spread.